Urban Terror g_gear code generator


Urban Terror Gear
by cA*Trunks

This program will spit out the g_gear code
that allows server admins to specify what
weapons can and can not be used during game.

Check the weapons you want to disable and
the code will output at bottom of screen.
Easy to use, and easy to understand.


Quake III Minimizer


People been asking about Quake III/Urban Terror minimizer that I use so here is the link where you can download it: Q3Minimizer  This program allows you to use CTRL-Z to hide quake 3 and Ctrl-Shift-Z to bring it back allowing you to use your other applications running outside of Urban Terror/Quake III.  Enjoy


SOT Stats of Terror - updated for Urban Terror 3.6


This is a tool that can keep track of your stats for pub play or matches.  Updated by me (Trunks) to work with 3.6